The Locked up Living Podcast: To be a man without a child

How do people survive living and working in challenging organisations? Psychologists David Jones and Naomi Murphy talk to people who have encountered some of the most oppressive institutions.

To be a man without a child

In this Locked up Living Podcast I am interviewed by psychologists David Jones and Naomi Murphy about my academic work on unwanted male childlessness and my own experience of not being a father.

In their description of the podcast David and Naomi write, ‘This may seem like an unusual topic for us but there are many men who are incarcerated for years and from an early age.
For those men in the high secure estate who aren’t already fathers when they come to prison they are likely spend the period of life most associated with reproductive success inside and possibly miss the boat altogether.
Many of these issues are rarely spoken about, if at all and it does not always make for comfortable listening. But in the end it makes for an affecting and thought provoking conversation. There are few peace-time environments that pose as much risk and danger as forensic institutions yet people and groups find ways to navigate the difficulties of existing within these systems and even manage to flourish and grow’