Margaret O’Connor’s “The ‘Are Kids for Me?’ Podcast.” Margaret discusses male childlessness with Dr Robin Hadley.

How do you find answers to the 'Are Kids for Me?' question? Counsellor and Psychotherapist Margaret O'Connor's podcast aims to shed light on this sensitive topic by engaging with a wide range of people.

Male childlessness, myths around men and validity via virility.

In this ‘Are Kids for Me? Podcast‘, fully accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist Margaret O’Connor and I discuss my research into male childlessness and my own experience of not being a father.

Margaret describes this episode of her podcast as, ‘We discuss some myths around men and reproduction. We also discuss the implication of ‘validity through virility’ for everyone, and what happens when you don’t follow the expected life arc, either by choice or not. Rob makes what can be heavy topics so accessible and relatable. This conversation will interest you regardless of your gender or childfree/less status.’

Margaret describes her “The ‘Are Kids For Me’?” podcast as, ‘This podcast is for you if are asking yourself ‘Are Kids For Me’? And if you have already answered no to that question. I will be talking to a wide range of people in Ireland about their experience of answering this question, including people who have said yes, no and who still don’t know. I hope you find it useful in answering your own question and would love to help build a community of childfree people in Ireland.’