Radio interview listing

List and links to interviews and discussions on local, national and overseas radio stations.

  1. Nihal Arthanayake Show, BBC Radio 5 Live. 20th October 2020. Guest editor of Involuntary childless men’.
  2. Noel McDermot Show, Men’s Radio Station. 3rd October 2019. Dr Robin Hadley talks about the impact of childlessness on older men.
  3. James Blake, Men’s Radio Station. 8th September 2019. Men and childlessness.
  4. BBC Radio 4 – My Name Is…, Rod – life as a childless man.
  5. Kaye Adams. 15th April 2019. Live panel discussion on ‘Mornings with Kaye Adams & Stephen Jardine,’ Radio Scotland.
  6. Rony Robinson. 13th November 2018. Live telephone interview on male childlessness.
  7. East London Radio. 24th April 2017. Dr Robin Hadley interviewed by Sir Mervyn Eastman.
  8. Vintage Radio. 16th April 2017. The impact of childlessness in  later life. 
  9. The Health Show, 3 Counties Radio. 10th July 2016. Discussion on childlessness.
  10. Tanya and Steve, Radio KOFM, Australia. 16th February 2016. Male Broodiness.
  11. Sunday Sequence, BBC Radio Ulste. 24th Ferbruary 2016. Panel discussant on fertility choices.
  12. IPM, BBC Radio 4. 5th December 2015. My childlessness. Interviewed by Jennifer Tracey.
  13. Mark Forrest, BBC Radio London. 26th January 2015. Research findings of ageing and childlessness.
  14. Lee Thomas, Radio Stoke. 15th April 2013: Live studio interview on male broodiness.
  15. Morning Show, Irish National Radio. 10 April 2013: Live telephone interview on the impact of male broodiness.
  16. Phil Kafcaloudes, Morning program ABC Radio Australia. 7th April 2013.: Live telephone interview: the impact of male broodiness on mental health.
  17. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 4th April 2013. The impact of male broodiness. 
  18. Drive time, Radio Stoke (pm). 3rd April 2013. The impact of male broodiness on mental health.
  19. Michael Fitzpatrick, Lunchtime Show, Radio Ulster. 3rd April 2013: Live telephone discussion on depression, jealousy, anger and male broodiness.
  20. Heather Stott, BBC Radio Manchester. 2nd January 2012. Live studio interview on ageing and chlidlessness.