Podcasts and YouTube interview listing

Listing of all my podcast and YouTube interviews.

  1. DadPodUK (John Adams). 8th January 2021. The Involuntarily Childless Man.
  2. The Dennis Relojo-Howell Show, YouTube channel. 16th March 2020. Dr Robin Hadley talks about ‘Male Childlessness’.
  3. The Fullstop Podcast. 17th August 2019: ‘Men and Childlessness with Dr. Robin Hadley, Rod Silvers and Andy Harrod‘:
  4. More To Life Webinar. 23rd January 2019: ‘Me and the MAWFIA: Men Ageing Without Families: Invisible and Alienated.
  5. World Childless Week, YouTube video. 25th August 2018: ‘The Men’s Room with Dr. Robin Hadley and Michael Hughes.’
  6. The Mental Breakdown, YouTube channel. 5th August 2017: ‘Involuntary childlessness.’ Interviewed by psychologists Dr Berney Wikinson and Dr Richard Marshall, United States of America.
  7. The Fertility Podcast. 19th December 2016: ‘How men deal with involuntary childlessness.
  8. Femme sans enfants’ Catherine–Emmanuelle Delisle, YouTube video. 14th February 2015: ‘Entrevue avec Robin Hadley, chercheur sur les vies des hommes sans enfant‘. Quebec, Canada.
  9. Dr Zuleyka Zevallos. 5th March 2014: ‘My experience of the media’. Sociology at Work, Australia.