Podcasts and YouTube interview listing

Listing of all my podcast and YouTube interviews.

  1. Vent: The Just Checking In Podcast JCIP #87, 7th July 2021. ‘Robin Hadley and male childlessness, classism in academia, mental health, stigma, male broodiness and male fertility.
  2. Civilla Morgan’s Childless Not By Choice Podcast, Episode 130, 14th June 2021. ‘About Father’s Day, And Childlessness’:
  3. The Locked up Living Podcast, 31st March 2021. ‘To be a man without a child….’.
  4. The Miss Amanda Chen Show. 24th March 2021. The Childless man.
  5. DadPodUK (John Adams). 8th January 2021. The Involuntarily Childless Man.
  6. The Dennis Relojo-Howell Show, YouTube channel. 16th March 2020. Dr Robin Hadley talks about ‘Male Childlessness’.
  7. The Fullstop Podcast. 17th August 2019: ‘Men and Childlessness with Dr. Robin Hadley, Rod Silvers and Andy Harrod‘:
  8. More To Life Webinar. 23rd January 2019: ‘Me and the MAWFIA: Men Ageing Without Families: Invisible and Alienated.
  9. World Childless Week, YouTube video. 25th August 2018: ‘The Men’s Room with Dr. Robin Hadley and Michael Hughes.’
  10. The Mental Breakdown, YouTube channel. 5th August 2017: ‘Involuntary childlessness.’ Interviewed by psychologists Dr Berney Wikinson and Dr Richard Marshall, United States of America.
  11. The Fertility Podcast. 19th December 2016: ‘How men deal with involuntary childlessness.
  12. Femme sans enfants’ Catherine–Emmanuelle Delisle, YouTube video. 14th February 2015: ‘Entrevue avec Robin Hadley, chercheur sur les vies des hommes sans enfant‘. Quebec, Canada.
  13. Dr Zuleyka Zevallos. 5th March 2014: ‘My experience of the media’. Sociology at Work, Australia.