ENLIGHTEN The Shadows, EPISODE 35: Male Childlessness with Dr Robin Hadley

In this episode Rory and Dr Robin chatted about societal norms and how men navigate through conceiving, or the process of waiting.


In this interview ENLIGHTEN THE SHADOWS Rory Green andΒ  Dr Robin Hadley have an in-depth discussion about male childlessness and their experiences of it.

‘Research on men who are involuntarily childless is important not only because of actual and projected demographic change but also

because the evidence base on the effects of male involuntary childlessness on men as they age is virtually non existent.

However, in many countries there are more childless men than equivalent women.


ENLIGHTEN THE SHADOWS help MEN that suffer alone in the shadows by, “bringing light to the darkness.”

Men are struggling with their mental health: Depression, anxiety, and suicide are at alarming rates…

The MIND is powerful possession.

The aim of the ENLIGHTEN THE SHADOWS YouTube channel is to provide *help and information* and enable men to EMPOWER their life further and find INSPIRATION.

+(WHY?) Media is one of their approaches to help MEN
+(HOW?) Their videos will be: -RAW- -REAL- -UNEDITED-
+(WHAT?) They will host a 1:1 INTERVIEWS
+(WHO?) Founder: Rory Green chats with a specialist guest to ENLIGHTEN us with their; experiences and strategies
+(SO?) That MEN can be EMPOWERED, BE MINDFUL and ultimately: THINK & SPEAK CLEARLY!