Resources concerning male chidlessness. If you know of more please send me the details.

Podcasts, YouTube and Radio interviews about men’s experience of childlessness

Links to Podcasts and YouTube and Radio broadcasts.

Online support:


The Clan of Brothers: a closed Facebook men-only group to give childless not by choice (CNBC) for males to find a safe place for  support and encouragement. Moderated by Michael Hughes and Andy Harrod.

The Dovecote Community: Men’s Involuntary Childlessness Support Group: a closed Facebook men-only group supporting involuntarily childless men. Moderated by Kelly Da Silva and The Dovecote Community (admin).

Mensfe: The Men’s Fertility Forum provides information help and support for male infertility and fertility issues by men for men.  Run by Pip O’Rielly.

Men’s Fertility Support Group: a closed Facebook men-only support group for infertile men and men going through infertility treatments. Run by Gareth Down.

MoreToLife: a support group that offers support, advice and coping strategies for invountarily childless and childless-not-by-choice men/women/couples. Part of Fertility Network UK, the national charity for anyone affected by fertility issues. Here is a link to my piece for the MTL newsletter:

World Childless Week: offers support for childless-not-by-choice men and women. Stephanie Phillips founded and runs World Childless Week

For women: Jody Day founded the excellent women-only Gateway Women community website for women who are childless due to infertility or childless-by-circumstance. The site also lists a range of resources for men.


My blogs on male Childlessness-Not-By-Choice can be found here

Blogs by and including Childless-Not-By-Choice men

A Few Pieces Missing From Normalcy – An Infertile Man’s Perspective: a blog about the hosts infertility journey.

After the Storm: supporting and empowering people who are facing a childless lifestyle.

(In)visible childlessness: online gallery of CNBC visual and written media by Andy Harrod

Married and Childless: life after infertility treatment by Vickie and Michael Hughes

Shunem Care: ministry to the involuntarily childless born out of personal pain by Pastor and Counsellor Sikhumbuzo Dube

Walk in our shoes: men and women’s accounts of their experiences of CNBC adversity and strength

World Childless Week: website offering support to the CNBC community

Video: England Expects‘: Working class Londoner, British-Asian actor, producer, writer Rod Silvers used his own and other men’s experience of infertility treatment to create his poignant short video ‘England Expects.’ Against the tensions, hopes, fears and disappointments of an England versus Germany soccer World Cup quarterfinals, Silvers deftly guides the viewer through the stresses and strains that IVF has on Billy’s relationships with family, friends and peers. Silver’s shows the social challenges that ART brings including exclusion, isolation, mocking, and stigmatisation.


These are books I have read (and recommend) that describe the authors experience of male childlessness, including infertiliy treatment.

Glenn Barden. 2014. “My Little Soldiers.” New York: Piranha Press.                                                                                                                            Glenn Barden is a working class, White-British author who has written a poignant, witty book about a man – Mike – and his experience of infertility treatment. Mike is a ‘blended’ character formed from the author’s own experiences of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and those of men he interviewed. Barden weaves an educational theme throughout the bittersweet text interleaving biological, cultural, demographic, intimate, medical, personal and social storylines. Barden pulls no punches in describing the impact the emotional rollercoaster of infertility treatment has on Mike’s mental and physical health and his relationships with his partner, family and colleagues. For reviews on Amazon click here.

Elliot Jager. 2015. “The Pater. My Father, My Judasim, My Childlessness. ” New York: The Toby Press.
In this beautifully written book, author and journalist Elliot Jager describes the personal, psychological, socio-cultural and theological impact of being an involuntary childlessness Jewish man.  He expertly weaves demography, genealogy, politics, religion and interviews with 10 other childless Jewish men (gay, married, single, and straight) to illustrate the complexities of male childlessness in the context of contemporary Judaism. For reviews on Amazon click here.

Steve Petrou. 2018. I Only Wanted to be a Dad: A man’s journey on the road to fatherhood. Newall, Derbyshire, UK: VASPX Publishing.            Steve Petrou was born in Cyprus where traditions around family and parenthood are highly prized. He moved to the UK in the 1990’s (aged 28), and calls himself an ‘ordinary guy’ and a ‘fish and chip fryer’. The aim of his book is to help others understand how men experience IVF using own his personal experience. Written in the first person, Petrou’s counter-points the ‘traditional’ Cypriot male values with the ironic use of the term ‘I am/was King’. Written from the heart, he reveals the emotional impact that he and his wife go through during infertility treatment : anger, anxiety, baby-loss, depression, despair, fear, grief, hatred, hope, isolation, jealousy, loneliness, miscarriage and rage. Leaving no stone unturned, Petrou details the extreme range of his thoughts, moods, and behaviours towards colleagues, family, friends, health professionals, in-laws, and business associates. I contributed a chapter on my own experience of childlessness to this book. For reviews on Amazon click here.

These are books I have not read but are listed on Jody Day’s excellent women-only Gateway Women community website under resources for men.

Eds. Lynne van Luven and Bruce Gillespie. 2008. Nobody’s Father: Life Without Kids. Canada, BC: Touchwood Editions.

Nicolette De Ridder, and Nick W. 2013. Just The Two of Us: Giving New Meaning to Our Lives Through Dealing with Infertility. UK: Epubli.

Sheridan Voysey. 2019. The Making of Us: Who We Can Become when Life Doesn’t Go As Planned. UK: W Publishing.

Sheridan Voysey. 2013. Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams into New Beginnings. USA: Thomas Nelson.

Newspaper articles on men’s experience of childlessness

Manzoor, S. (16th June, 2019). ‘Why do childless men bottle up their grief and pain?’ Sunday Times Magazine.

Hinsliff, G. (21st January, 2019). ‘Male, Single, desperate for a baby.’ Tortoise.

Lynch, B. (17th November 2018). ‘Male childlessness: ‘You think, If I’m not reproducing – then what am I?’ The Guardian

Andrew, A (12th August 2018): ‘The male infertility crisis: ‘My failure at fatherhood ate away at my very being.’

Marsh, S. (29th October 2017). ‘The agony of being a childless man.’ The Daily Mail:

Marsh, S. (3rd October 2017): ‘“The desire to have a child never goes away”: how the involuntary childless are forming a new movement.’ The Guardian

Fitzsimons, D. (13th August 2016): ‘Childless at 52: How sweet it would be to be called Dad‘:

Freeman, H. (20th July 2016): ‘Rise of the biological clock divorce: It’s when one of you craves a baby and the other doesn’t.’ The Daily Mail.

Hadley, R. A. (17th July 2016): ‘Men and Infertility.’ The Times, Weekend Section.

Gorman, G. (14th February 2016): ‘The untold grief of childless men.’

Brookbanks, M. (13th January 2016):  ‘How the rise of childless women could change the face of Britain.’ The Daily Mail

Valenti, J. (10th April 2015): ‘Why do we never worry about men’s childlessness and infertility?’ The Guardian

Kreutz-Hansen, H. (9th March 2015). ‘Childless men – not chosen by women’. Verdens Gang AS: VG: ‘Barnløshet blant menn: De velges bort av kvinnene.’

Lerner, T. (24th April 2014). “Det finns en smärta i att inte få bli pappa“: (There is a pain not to be a father). Dagens Nyheter

Baxter, S. (4th July 2013): ‘There’s a pressure on men, too, to be a “proper man” and deliver a child.’

Hadley, R. A. (4th April 2013): Robin Hadley: ‘I know all about broody men who long to be dads. I am one’. The Daily Telegraph

Hodgekiss, A. (3rd April 2013): ‘Men without children are ‘more depressed and sad’ than childless women.’ Mail Online

Bingham, J. (3rd April 2013): ‘Men ‘just as broody as women’, study suggest.‘ The Daily Telegraph

Jamica Observer. (14th May 2012): ‘They Call You ‘Eunuch’: Constant Pressure for Men to Bear Children

My academic publications  (mainly male involuntary childlessness/CNBC)


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Invites chapters in edited books

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