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Angela Walker in conversation with… Dr Robin Hadley. Angela explores ‘Childless Men: On the sorrow and disenfranchisement of men with no children’

Angela Walker in conversation with… Dr Robin Hadley. ‘CHILDLESS MEN: Dr Robin Hadley on the sorrow and disenfranchisement of men with no children

Why do we never talk about involuntary male childlessness? A quarter of men do not have children and for many of them this is not through choice.
Join me as I sit down with my guest, Dr Robin Hadley, academic and author of ‘How is a Man Supposed to be a Man?‘.
We explore male childlessness, the stereotypes that often stifle men’s discussions about their yearning for parenthood and their struggles with fertility.
With Dr Hadley’s expert insight, we navigate the emotional labyrinth faced by these men and tackle the societal norms that equate virility with fatherhood.
As our conversation unfolds, we turn the spotlight on the evolving perceptions of fatherhood.
We delve into the pressures men face when considering paternity leave and the repercussions of the gig economy on their decision.
We take a closer look at grandparenthood and its function as a social bridge for children in the absence of their parents.
Moreover, we bring into focus the harsh reality of older adults without a support network or children to care for them and the uphill battle they face in society. Finally, we discuss – the profound psychological impact of male infertility. We rip apart societal misconceptions that exacerbate the stigmas around male childlessness and infertility.
Dr Hadley emphasizes the critical need for therapy and the establishment of safe spaces for men to express their vulnerability.
So, tune in as we break barriers, challenge conventional wisdom, and underscore the significance of understanding and empathising with the emotional challenges encountered by childless men.

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Through their stories, we explore the challenges they have overcome, their motivations, and the lessons they have learned along the way. Listen to be inspired and informed.

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