Manuscripts in Progress

Manuscripts in pre-publication:

  1. Hadley, R.A. ‘ “I’m missing out and I think I have something to give”: experiences of older involuntarily childless men.’ Working with Older People. Emerald Publishing.
  2. Earle, S and Hadley, R.A. ‘Men’s views and experiences of infant feeding: a qualitative systematic review.’ Journal of Health Promotion International.
  3. Hadley, R.A. ‘Ageing and involuntary childlessness.’ Invited chapter for edited volume. Editor Professor Josie Tetley et al., (Manchester Metropolitan University).

Manuscripts in progress:                                                                                                                  

  1. Hadley, R.A. ‘The invisible Me(n) and Me(n).’ Invited paper for the journal ‘Methodological Innovations’.  
  2. Tetley, J; Koivunen, E; Holland, C; Kubiak, C; Fisher, J; and Hadley, R.A. “It’s not easy for a volunteer, you know”: How do volunteers fit into home care services for people living with dementia in the community. Journal of Health and Social Care in the Community.