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My research has drawn interest form a wide range of international media ranging from national broadcasters to specialist websites.

International print media:

  1. Kreutz-Hansen, H. (9th March 2015). ‘Childless men - not chosen by women’., Verdens Gang AS: VG.
  2.  Lerner, T. (24th April 2014). "Det finns en smärta i att inte få bli pappa"  (There is a pain not to be a father)., Dagens Nyheter:           

National print media:

  1.  Freeman, H. (20th July 2016): Rise of the biological clock divorce: It's when one of you craves a baby and the other doesn’t.’ The Daily Mail.
  2. Hadley, R. A. (17th July 2016): ‘Men and Infertility.’ The Times, Weekend Section
  3. Brookbanks, M (13th January 2016):  ‘How the rise of childless women could change the face of Britain.’ The Daily Mail
  4. Hadley, R. A. (4th April 2013): Robin Hadley: ‘I know all about broody men who long to be dads. I am one’. The Daily Telegraph      
  5. Hodgekiss, A. (3rd April 2013): 'Men without children are 'more depressed and sad' than childless women.' Mail Online               
  6. Bingham, J. (3rd April 2013): 'Men 'just as broody as women', study suggest.' The Daily Telegraph                                                   

National television:                                                                                                        

  1. BBC1 Breakfast. 14th January 2015: Ageing Without Children. AWOC founders  Kirsty Woodard, Jody Day and I were interviewed on BBC One:                   

Online news media:                                                                                                                   

  1. Gorman, G. 14th February 2016: “The untold grief of childless men.” for Australia.
  2. Goyer, M. 18th June 2015:  “Le fardeau des femmes sans enfants”: Planete FMagazine, Montreal, Canada.     

Invited podcasts:

  1.  The Mental Breakdown Psychreg Podcast. 5th August 2017: ‘Involuntary childlessness.' 
  2. The Fertility Podcast. 19th December 2016: ‘How men deal with involuntary childlessness.' 
  3. Catherine–Emmanuelle Delisle. 14th February 2015: 'Entrevue avec Robin Hadley, chercheur sur les vies des hommes sans enfant'. ‘Femme sans enfants’, Quebec, Canada.
  4. Zuleyka Zevallos. 5th March 2014: ‘My experience of the media’. Sociology at Work (Australia):                                        


  1. Mervyn Eastman. 24th April 2017. Interview, East London Radio,UK
  2.  Vintage Radio Fm. 16th April 2017. Interview at the Greater Manchester Ageing Conference 2017.
  3. The Health Show. 10th July 2016: Discussant, 3 Counties Radio, UK
  4. Tanya and Steve. 16th February 2016: Male Broodiness. Radio KOFM, Australia.
  5. Sunday Sequence. 24th Ferbruary 2016: Panel discussant on BBC Radio Ulster, UK.
  6. Jennifer Tracey. 5th December 2015: Interview,  BBC Radio 4 IPM.
  7. Mark Forrest. 26th January 2015: Interview, BBC Radio London, UK
  8. Lee Thomas. 15th April 2013: Live studio interview, Radio Stoke, UK.
  9. Morning Show. 10 April 2013: Live telephone interview, Irish National Radio, Republic of Ireland.
  10. Phil Kafcaloudes. 7th April 2013: Live telephone interview, Morning program ABC Radio Australia.
  11. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 4th April 2013: Interviewed for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Canada.
  12. Drive time (pm). 3rd April 2013: Interview, Radio Stoke, UK.
  13. Michael Fitzpatrick. 3rd April 2013: Live telephone discussion, Lunchtime Show, Radio Ulster, UK.
  14. Heather Stott. 2nd January 2012: Live studio interview, BBC Radio Manchester, UK.

Invited Blogs:                                                                                                                        

  1. SpermComet. 31st October 2016: ‘The impact of childlessness’:                                                                                                   
  2. GeroInspired. 21st August 2016: Aging & Involuntary Childlessness: Does It Affect Men’?:                                                         
  3. 13th August 2016: 'The impact of male involuntary childlessness: Part 2’:                                                                  
  4.  Men’s Health Forum. 10th July 2016: ‘Men without Children’:                                                                                                      
  5. 11th June 2016: 'The impact of male involuntary childlessness: Part 1’:                                                                   
  6. International Longevity Centre: 10th November 2015: ‘The case of the invisible older men’:                                                         
  7. 21st October 2014: 'If you think men don’t care about having kids, listen to what these childless men have to say’:
  8.  ReValuing Care Research Network. 13th May 2014: 'Condemned as a 'Typical Man?’:                                                                 
  9.  ReValuing Care Research Network. 13th October2013: 'Childless-by-circumstance: is it different for men?’: