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My research has drawn interest form a wide range of international media ranging from national broadcasters to specialist websites.
Unfortunately some of the material is behind pay-walls.

International print media: 

2015. ‘Childless men - not choosen by women’. Hanne Kreutz-Hansen Verdens Gang AS: VG: Barnløshet blant menn: De velges bort av kvinnene

2014. 'There is a pain not to be a father'. Thomas Lerner, Dagens Nyheter: "Det finns en smärta i att inte få bli pappa":

National print media:

Hodgekiss, A. (2013): 'Men without children are 'more depressed and sad' than childless women':

Bingham, J. (2013): 'Men 'just as broody as women', study suggest': 

National televison:

14/01/2015: Ageing Without Children founders myself, Kirsty Woodard, and Jody Day were interviewed on BBC One:


18/06/2015: “Le fardeau des femmes sans enfants”: Interview with Maude Goyer for Planete FMagazine: 

14/02/2015: 14/02/2015: 'Entrevue avec Robin Hadley, chercheur sur les vies des hommes sans enfant'. 
Interview with Catherine–Emmanuelle Delisle for her blog: ‘Femme sans enfants’, Quebe, Canada:

Audio interview by Viv Oyolu with me and 3 involuntarily childless people: Site under construction see


26/01/2015. Interviewed for the Mark Forrest Show, BBC Radio London:

15/04/2013. Live studio interview. Lee Thomas Show, Radio Stoke.

10/04/2013. Live telephone interview. Morning Show, Irish National Radio.

07/04/2013. Live telephone interview. Morning program with Phil Kafcaloudes. ABC Radio Australia. Producer: Adeline Ng:

04/04/2013. Interviewed for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Producer: Lily Ames.

03/04/2013. Interviewed for the Drive time show (pm), Radio Stoke.

03/04/2013. Live telephone discussion. Michael Fitzpatrick (Lunchtime Show). Radio Ulster.

02/02/2012. Live studio interview. Heather Stott, BBC Radio Manchester.