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Dolphin, Campbell River, British Columbia

29/02 and 01/03/2016: Attended the very interesting Life course theories masterclass. Hosted by ‘Understanding Society,’ the UK Household Longitudinal Study. 

26/02/2016: “Fictive grandfatherhood: the experiences of older involuntarily childless men.” At the British Sociological Association’s Ageing, Body and Society Study Group 7th Annual Conference hosted by MICRA at The University of Manchester. I also chaired a session.

19/02/2016: I have been invited to be on a post-show discussion panel of the play 'Weald' at Finbourough Theatre. The play has received excellent reviews

16/02/2016: I was interviewed by Tanya and Steve on KOFM's (Australia) awarding winning Breakfast Show. I will post the link soon.

14/02/2016: I featured in an article 'Childless men in Australia: The untold grief of childless men' written by the Ginger Gorman

24/01/2016: I participated in a BBC Radio Ulster Radio Sunday Sequence panel discussion on childlessness. Click here to listen to the show.

14/01/2016: I featured in a piece on childlessness in the Daily Mail:

05/12/2015: My experience of 'male broodiness' - the desire for fatherhood - was broadcast today on Radio 4's iPM programme. Click here to hear it. 

02/12/2105: Today I received confirmation from Keele University that I have been awarded a PhD for my thesis, 'Life without fatherhood: a qualitative study of older involuntarily childless men'.

11/12/2015: Presenting my research and discussing my experience of completing a PhreviewsD to the DHRes professional doctorate candidates of University of Hertfordshire's Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care (CRIPACC).

11/12/2015: Today I was interviewed by Radio 4's Jennifer Tracey for the iPM programme. Jennifer was asking about my experience of 'male broodiness' - the desire for fatherhood.

10/11/2015: My blog piece, 'The Future of Care - the case of the invisible older childless men…' for the International Longevity Centre-UK went live today:

14/10/2015: Presenting my research to the University of Hertfordshire's Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care (CRIPACC).

08/10/2015: Today I deposited the final bound copy of my thesis into Keele University library. This is one of the final stages in my PhD journey. The next stage is the University Senate approving the award and sending me the certificate. The final stage will be the graduation ceremony in January 2016.

28/08/2015: I am honoured to have been awarded the Society of Reproductive and Infant Pyschology Doctoral Prize for my thesis, 'Life without fatherhood: a qualitative study of older involuntarily childless men'. The 35th SRIP Annual conference takes place in Nottingham on the 14th -15th September 2015. 

21/07/2015: The 'clipboard boffin'* strikes again! I have had an article published in The British Sociological Association's 'Network' magazine. The article, 'Good reading, Vietnam' describes my experience of dealing with international and national media following the press release of my research into the affect of male childlessness.
* In the article 'Being a father means nothing else matters' (The Times, 6th April 2013: p. 22) Giles Coren attributed my research to 'clipboard boffins'. For the record it was just me and a report of the findings from my self-funded MSc study. No clipboards were involved. Still, I'm officially a 'boffin'!

22/07/2015: Final touches to my presentation at tomorrow's British Sociological Association Human Reproduction Study Group Annual Conference:

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